Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wandering Around (Without a Clue)

Insanity is something a usually attribute to drivers, but I have come to realise that it doesn't stop there.

I recently attended a cricket match at Wanderers Cricket Stadium in Johannesburg. What Insanity, what were they thinking when they developed an office block across the road from a cricket stadium?

Picture this 5pm office workers going home and cricket fans arriving - Chaos! An absolute nightmare.

On top of that there are no parking facilities available and the help full car guards are assisting people to park on the pavements. "Don't worry boss, your car is safe, it's OK to park here." An hour later Metro is towing away all these illegally parked cars and not a car guard in sight.

How can we have a sport venue with no parking facilities that takes 72 000 odd cricket fans over a period of 5 days? (OK admittedly that is a record for the stadium)

If the city cannot provide the facilities then it should not be prosecuting people for 'making a plan'

Instead it should be assisting those people.

I am going to start an award in the honour of this insanity and call it the Wanderers in Johannesburg Award or WAJA for short. I will be awarding this award to all the idiots out there who are wandering around without a clue.

All suggestions for nomines welcome

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