Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Wow I can't believe that a new year has come and almost gone. Been a long 3 month sabbatical for me. Needed to focus my talents in other areas.

This is the year of the Soccer World Cup or Football as some of you foreign blokes call it.

Its also a new year for Cars and more cars and lots of stupid idiots driving cars. With 28 tragic and unnecessary road related deaths this Easter weekend including that of our Deputy Health Minister it seems that we are a long way from improving our road safety record.

Sadly it also appears that increased vehicle safety features are not improving our statistics as even a car as advanced as the Lexus was unable to save our Deputy Health Minister.

It goes back to the beginning where we learn to propel an automobile, but are never taught nor learn the skills required to drive safely from A to B.

Got a lot lined up for this month including some awesome feedback reports.

Take care and drive like the other guy is an idiot.

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