Friday, October 8, 2010

Ford Focus RS

Big Brother has arrived. For months the wicked Ford Focus ST has had to put up with bullying from the likes of the VW Golf, but no more.
The Little Brother

The ST's big brother has arrived in the form of the RS and is going to be handing out a solid thumping all round.
The New Blue RS logo

The New Ford Focus RS (Rally Sport) has definitely come to the party with its massive 224kW motor (Up from a 166kW on the ST) and a 0-100km time of 5.9 seconds this is one wicked hatchback.

In its Ultimate Green Skin (Strange name for a colour that looks like a throwback to a sixties party bus) this car will definitely be a head turner even when parked at the pavement. Not that you would be doing that very often.
This is the kind of car that you want to be driving and makes you think about leaving the super bike at home when you head up to Sabie for the weekend. With its cat like sure footedness and its fantastic steering response you can't wait to get into the twisties. For those a little more technically inclined the front is fitted with a RevoKnuckle suspension system that reduces torque steer and allows you to lay all that power down thick and fast and still hold your line.

This is a street legal rally car and it feels like it.

I think it will definately have the potential to be a babe magnet, but I am not sure you want to take it for a drive with a babe next to you screaming for you to slow down the whole time.

Now for the bad news. Only 60 will be coming to SA and they have all been sold.

Looking forward to seeing one of them at the lights next to a STi

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