Monday, December 7, 2009

Vehicle Recalls

Life is taking me in all sorts of directions at the moment,I am currently involved with a Land Rover Discovery 3 that has a safety recall, just not this particular one.

Yet this vehicle has the same symptoms and physical evidence of a fault as the recalled vehicles.
"It has been identified that, some vehicles may experience a reduction in braking preformance leading to an increased stopping distance, due to the possiblity of oil entering the brake booster or the brake non-return valve sticking in the closed postion after cold start." That is to say the brakes don't work.

So the dealer says they cannot assist as its not part of the recall, LRSA says if its not on the recall list it is not covered.

On further investigation I have found two other vehicles not on the list that have been repaired via the recall while outside of warranty.

So where do I go from here?

It is a problem, a potentally fatal one and yet I have to bear the cost of what is obviously a vehicle flaw.

As another LRD3 driver pointed out, "why not drive through the showroom window and then argue as to who is responsible now the brakes have failed."

Its the descrepancies in all of this that i find most disturbing. Some are fixed some aren't.

Is it about who shouts the loudest?

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