Monday, February 16, 2009

The Art of Camouflage

14 Years ago when the ANC took over our new fledgling democracy one of their first tasks was to rename the Police from a force to a service.

One would assume based on its very name that the police would be a service to the public. Isn't it amusing then to see these services carried out using military like tactics building camouflage hides from which to ambush us from.

What possible hope can it be for these Speed Enforcement situations to have any hope in reducing speeding if the first time you become are of the fact that you were breaking the law is when you receive a fine in the post a fortnight later.

I fail to see how fineing 5000 drivers per month can be considered a success. I would far rather see the Police standing out in plain view with flashing lights the works. That would definitely reduce speeding. If the Police reported 0 cases of speeding I would consider that a success.

Also the case of posting officers at high accident zones is all and well, but what's the point in posting two officers carefully camouflaged behind the bushes all day long, when there has been no recorded case of an accident there in daylight. Instead the officers should be there at night when the accidents happen.

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