Friday, February 13, 2009

Standing Room Only

In view of the recent bus accidents in the headlines you would think that bus company's would have gone over there safety briefings again in full detail.

Yet that appears not to be the case. Follow any bus around for 10 minutes and you would think it was a taxi because of how many times it infringed the law.

Take the Putco bus driving next to me in traffic last week; two passengers were sitting in the stairwell. So much for standing Room Only. Why not let the passengers sit on the roof too?

Why is it so hard to enforce rules and regulations on you driver? When I was a kid catching the bus to school the bus driver used to stop the bus and come and tell you off just for sticking your head out the window. Now they infringe the law more than their passengers.

I look forward to the days when robots take over from human drivers. Then the law is the law no debate, when the driver says behind the line the bus will not move until the offending passenger s behind the line. The other occupants of the bus will surely enforce this with swift and physical force should the transgressor delay the bus beyond a tolerable delay.

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