Friday, February 20, 2009

Three Legged Spiders

Part Motorcycle Part Roadster
- A very eye catching piece of automotive engineering -

At first glance this hybrid offers the best of several worlds, the Freedom, handling and flexibility of a motorcycle and the wet weather handling and stopping power of a car.

Unfortunately the reality is somewhere in between.

The widened front end with two wheels means twice the stopping power and better wet weather characteristics than a regular motorcycle, unfortunately it also means twice the width and its this feature that makes it impractical for urban commuting. You cant pass between cars, need full size bays to park in and more maintenance costs when its time to replace the tyres.

All in all a great concept, but more suited for a beach holiday run around than a real urban commuter, but at R270 000 new its going to be tough to justify having that parked at your beach home.

At least you don't have to remember to put down the stand.

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  1. Well I'd rather ride one of those than drive one of those ridiculously small hybrid cars that I don't think are safe at all, a head on would make you severely crushed..

    You're from South Africa? Kewl! A very good friend of mine in London is too, he's an Anaesthetist and he's the best (as far as doctors and friends go that is).