Monday, February 23, 2009

Jaguar - The Legend

The Legend lives on

Its so seldom that one hears good news, or a compliment about a company in the service industry. We are usually so quick to complain, as most of my posts would indicate. Yet it is so seldom that we ourselves pass on a compliment when we get what we expect (and sometimes believe we deserve).

In this case my whole hearted thanks and compliments to the guys and girls at Jaguar for their outstanding customer service and support.

I have recently just had the privilege of experiencing the class and refinement of the Jaguar brand and was most impressed that the staff that support the brand live up to the standards.

I took an S-Type out for a drive in the country this week and I am sold. The vehicle drives and handles with style and class that I have not often experienced. Its an unhurried drive, tons of power available and yet you never feel the need to use it. Its a laid back kind of experience - even at 160km/h.

The experience is kind of like flying business class, if you can't fly that way again, you will never fly again.

Next time I am going Supercharged.

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