Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rage against the Light

Every so often in our journey through life we discover the one thing that truly grinds us.

For me the frustration and intolerance is for individuals who drive around with faulty taillights. For years it’s frustrated me beyond belief that for the sake of a couple of Rand and a few minutes of their time there are drivers out there putting themselves and others at risk. "How many drivers does it take to change a light bulb?"

So imagine my confusion to find out that the there is a new generation of vehicles out there that has no user serviceable parts. So now you have to take your vehicle into the garage to get it done. Sounds like a money making racket to me.

Even with a motor plan which covers the costs of the part its the fact that the average dealership has a three week waiting list to book your car in for a repair and then it’s up to six weeks for the part that makes this whole thing incomprehensible.

The inconvenience and downtime on your vehicle triples the actual cost of the part. Do the dealers actual make that much money out of this to justify the decision to make it a non user serviceable part?

So the end result is that there are thousands of vehicles driving around with faulty lights through no fault of the driver.

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